Frequently Asked Questions

There was nowhere to put my child's information when I signed up.

I believe this is the case if you use Apple or Google Pay. If you pay with a credit card, there is a "notes" section where you can input this information. As long as you follow the registration guidelines, and use the waiver link provided in your emailed receipt or the one on the registration page, you will be able to input your child's information on the waiver, which is where I pull class rosters.

What is the quickest way to get in touch?

Often during registration, I am already teaching when you want to reach out and ask questions. If you have questions that are not answered here, the best way to get a quick answer is to text me at 757-347-1050.

I went online and it says the class is full?

The size of the classes is dictated by safety regulations stipulated by the state of Virginia. When the class is full, we have reached the maximum capacity safely allowed. Although I cannot add a child to a class that is already full, I will reach out to the school to see if another class can be added or what other arrangements would make it possible for your child to join. Always email me ( so that I can add your child to a waiting list. Add my email to your address book to ensure that you receive updates on when the next session begins so that you don't miss registration.

My child is almost old enough, can he/she join anyway?

The short answer is no. I know that there are many kids out there who are ready for yoga before their time, but the age restrictions are based on class-size state regulations, which vary by age. It doesn't hurt to email me though, if enough parents with children your age reach out, we might be able to get a class together for them.

I am having trouble signing up online, how do I make sure my child is registered?

Normally, online checkout is fast and easy but Apple Pay does not always cooperate with Square. Sorry to say, sometimes you have to pay by inputting your credit card information instead of taking this awesome shortcut. If you are still having trouble, email me ( and I can send you an invoice.

I didn't get a receipt, did my registration go through?

If you don't receive an email or text a few minutes after you finish your registration, you are not signed up. Since there are so many payment options (CC, Afterpay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App), each one works a little differently, Take your time as you check out and make sure that you have scrolled to the bottom of the active screen to click on any confirmation buttons and finalize the registration. I myself, have been on a website and thought that I was finished, only to later realize that there was one more click that I missed.

Is there an installment option for payments?

Yes! Afterpay offers the option for you to pay in installments. If you use Affirm, you can go to their website where they will issue you a one-time use credit card, in order to pay in the number of installments you choose, some options are interest-free

Does my child need to bring a mat to class?

No, they don't need anything! Mats are supplied when we use them and sometimes we don't use mats. In some classes, we sit on a yoga cushion or yoga dots. It all depends on the type of movement we are going to do.

What kind of yoga are the children going to do?

The movements are based on Hatha yoga. Meditations, stories, and activities come from a variety of influences, all chosen to promote age-appropriate physical, social and emotional development.

What if my child doesn't like it?

Sometimes parents are hesitant to sign their child up for a session because they think their child may not like it. This has rarely happened. A child can definitely give the class a try first. We do our best to spark the interest of the child and find out what engages them. Usually, we discover a way to support the child in enjoying yoga. If not, then a partial refund for classes not attended is issued. The last thing that we want is for a child to have a bad yoga experience.

Can I pay less if I know my child will not be there for every class?

This is not possible. The registration fee reserves your child's spot in the class. Classes are limited to a certain number of children, based on age. When you register, you are reserving a space for your child for the whole session, even if they are not present every week.