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The seeds

for Cat Cow Yoga were planted many years ago, when my own yoga practice began. It was not until my son was born, and "the terrible twos" found us, that I realized the benefits it could bring to children. Through a yoga certification program designed for teaching children at Aura Wellness Center in Massachusetts, the curriculum for Cat Cow Yoga became a reality. I volunteered yoga sessions at my child's preschool, and brought yoga to Deaf and hard-of-hearing children in a local community group.  I am so thankful to the many yoga teachers, educators, family and friends who have lighted the path and are making it possible to bring yoga to more little yogis. 
Cat Cow Yoga is now taught in 15 elememtary and preschools in the Tiderwater Virginia Area. The style of the classes is nothing like what you would expect --- LOUD and WILD, usually. Kids get to burn off all that extra energy and make space for focus and balance. The influences for this 30-60 minute practice are a blend all of my favorite adult and kid teachers, including Katie Silcox, MC Yogi, Jamie Amor, Wah!, Twee Merigan, Amanda Giacomini (10,000 Buddhas), Kira Wiley and Bari Koral.