Upcoming events

Mommy + Me Yoga

19 July 2016, pmt 17:30

Every Tuesday we meet to learn new ways to breathe, move and be quiet, as a family. Moms, dads, grandparents and friends are encoruaged to participate with babies, toddlers and children.

Past events

Mommy + Me Yoga

28 June 2016, pmt 17:30

Learn how to practice yoga with your baby or small child.

Mommy and Me Yoga

21 June 2016, pmt 17:30

Yoga for parents and their small children. Ideal for new moms and babies or toddlers.

Kids' Meditation Workshop

23 January 2016, pmt 19:00

I'll be sharing some of my favorite meditations for kids.

Halloween yoga for Kids

25 October 2015, pmt 22:00

You can even wear a Halloween costume while enjoying stories, songs and poses that celebrate this fun and spooky holiday. Mats are provided and parents are encouraged to join in.

Kids Yoga

02 August 2015, pmt 22:00

Stories, poses and songs for kids --- parents are welcome to join in!

Kids Yoga at the A.R.E.

25 July 2015, pmt 22:00

Free yoga class at 3:00 pm out on the lawn

Kids Yoga on the Hour

13 June 2015, pmt 18:00

At this month's Edgar Cayce ARE Psychic Fair there will be yoga and meditation activities for kids all day, with kids yoga on the hour at 11, 12, 1, 2 an 3. FREE and open to everyone.